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Recent Updates

Today, we were at Kavresthali to continue our little help to earthquake victims.We found that no rescue team and immediate aid have been sent there yet.



Prakriya Nepal is collecting funds and supports from anyone who are willing to help the Earthquake victims in Nepal. Your small support can make a huge difference. We have already started cleaning campaign and distributed food and water to multiple local communities in associate with UNX team.

Now our mission is to continuously elaborate our service reaching to the rural areas of Nepal. While all the major social service are only focused in Kathmandu, Prakriya Nepal plans to help those victims who are in much need at this moment.

Currently, we are focusing on distributing tents, medicine, food, water and whatever our donors can provide to  help this community and to overcome this crisis.
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We have initiated to clean up the shelter area, and we started our campaign from Chettrapati. This campaign was jointly conducted by Prakriya Nepal and Team UNX.