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We process on behalf of people for the people.

We were on national daily newspaper.

The process of reaching out to the people.


Prakriya Nepal aims to work in the field of consumer rights, anti-corruption, health-education and community development. We aim to pay constant attention to issues of social justices and social security. We emphasize to create an environment to support the people to meet their basic needs and rights (political, social, economic, and cultural) by means of skill development, self-employment, awareness, empowerment, transparency, accountability, and public involvement.



Protecting consumer rights

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Prakriya Nepal has been working to protect the rights of consumers through various means. Among them, litigation has become one of the powerful legal instruments to protect the consumer rights.  We have filed so many cases in the court claiming compensations on behalf of victims. Most of the cases are related to medical malpractices caused by wrong diagnoses, surgical mistake, careless treatment etc.

Reaching Out To The People

Everyone deserve a quilt in winter


With the help of Australian national, Alissa Hill; Prakriya Nepal was able to provide 50 quilts to the poor Musahar people of Jabdi-5, Sarlahi. There are hundreds more poor people  who will be spending coming winter without proper cover. Prakriya Nepal has begun the process to join and help the community.



Likewise, we had distributed 50 quilts to the  poor pople of Ishworpur-9, Sarlahi. The fund was  provided by a Nepali citizen, who is living in UK, Bimisha Jignesh Patel. Those people who received the quilts were really grateful to the donor.

We have also been providing our support at the time of need or emergency. We had extended our help in the 2015 earthquake without any delay.