Prakriya Nepal is a not-for-profit and a non-governmental organization. It is founded by an energetic team of lawyers, sociologists, consumer and social activists. It is legally registered under Nepal’s law at the District Administration Office (Regd. No 83), Inland Revenue Department and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal (Affiliation no 37894).

Our Mission:

Our focused areas are-

Consumer rights- People are not much aware about the consumer rights in Nepal. Many people are suffered from the quality, quantity and prices of consumer goods and services which are consumed by them in their day to day life. But they do even not know their rights are protected by the law. Due to the lack of proper mechanism and awareness, people are compelled to consume such goods and services which are hazardous to their health and the services they receive.So, our organization, Prakriya Nepal, focus to protect and ensure the rights and interests of consumers through various ways- awareness campaign, legal representation, research on policies and rights, informing the people about the quality of goods and services and create a reasonable pressure on concerned agency for maintaining, protecting and promoting the consumers rights for the welfare of people.

Health- Unless people are healthy, it is not possible to achieve a development goal set by the government. But the situation in our country is different than other developed countries. Health inequality has largely been prevailed in the country.  There are many differences between private and public healthcare service providers in terms of services, facilities and cost.  Providing health security and ensuring quality healthcare to the people have become a major challenge. Not only  the government, but it is the responsibility of every stakeholders to ensure equal health access to the people. So, our efforts through this organisation will be focused to support every actions taken by the government towards people’s healthcare.

Education-  We have two types of education system- private and public- but there is a huge disparity in terms of access, equity and quality. The government has been struggling for years to improve the quality of education in public education. But the country has not seen tangible changes in comparison to private education. So one of the objectives of our organisation is also to make the efforts to bridge the  gap between private and public education through various ways.

Anti corruption-  One of the focused areas among our prime objectives is anti-corruption. We have chosen this area to advocate against corruption on the basis of ground reality prevailing in our country, Nepal. Corruption has become one of the major obstacles in the process of development of our country. Since the past, it has occupied every space of government mechanism. It is mostly found in the bureaucracy, but it is prevailing in every aspects of social life.Transparency International defines ‘corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority’. We believe that abuse of power is a prime reason for corruption in Nepal. Our efforts also aim at finding such misuse of power and make them public.

Community development- Under this program, we are trying to reach out to the community. There are no certain ways to support the community. We can help in many ways. We have tried our best to help and support the poor people who are in need. We mainly focus on-:

  1. Renovation of public schools, health post, libraries etc.
  2. Distribution of books and stationeries, clothes, medicine etc.
  3. Providing scholarship for poor students
  4. Skills training, health and education awareness etc.

And more which support for the development of community.